Are your shoes worn out?

Operating on tight daily schedules can sometimes wear you out and cause one to neglect their health and physical appearance.

On research, professionals in various fields have confirmed enduring the pain and discomfort brought about by worn out shoes, not because they cannot afford another pair but because they don’t have time to go out and shop.

Great news for these busy bees! PesaPal and The Bata Shoe Company Kenya have come together to give shoe shoppers an unforgettable e-commerce experience where they can now buy shoes online through PesaPal at their own convenience.

“This is the greatest news I have heard in a long time. My shoes were completely worn out; I could hardly balance on them. I retired them away yesterday and bought two other pairs from Bata thanks to PesaPal for that convenience” said Miriam a professional banker in Nairobi.

Joel a lawyer in Nairobi had this to say “I had worn the same pair of shoe every day for the last four months, I kept promising myself a replacement but somehow I never got time to buy a new pair. What a relief! Thanks to PesaPal for that convenience I now have a few more pairs I bought from Bata.”

“This is a great step we have taken. Shopping is still a big deal to Kenyans who cannot get time off from employment and what PesaPal is offering them is comfort and convenience which they deserve.” said Agosta Liko CEO PesaPal.

PesaPal has continued to serve and satisfy customer requirements for convenience by bridging the gap between the merchants and customers making it vital for us to bring on board companies that offer goods and services in line with customer needs.

About Bata Shoe Company

Bata Shoe Company Kenya opened its doors in Kenya in 1939 and has remained the leading footwear manufacturer and retailer in the country. Bata Kenya has grown to include over 100 stores spread out across various towns in the country, Stocking high quality fashion shoes for ladies, men and children, ladies handbags, school and travelling bags. Bata Shoe Company manufactures its products locally at the Bata shoe factory based in Limuru. Bata aspires to be the most dynamic, flexible and market responsive worldwide organization, with footwear as its core business

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