How to Invoice your Clients

This is a little known feature of PesaPal, though some business have come to rely on it to receive payments from their clients.

The invoicing feature in a nutshell

Issue online invoices to your clients and receive payments in your bank account, without any need for a website or technical knowledge.

Step-by-step look at how this works

For this example, we will assume that you are a design company and you invoice your clients from around the world for services rendered.

1. Log in to your PesaPal business account, and click on Invoice then ‘Create Invoice’ on the side menu

Create Invoice Menu

3. Fill out the form

Create an Invoice

4. Once you click Send, your client will receive the following email from PesaPal


5. The link in the email will take your client to an online invoice payment page


Once the payment completes, it will reflect on your PesaPal balance and you may withdraw it to your bank account at any point. And of course, you can track all your invoices from your PesaPal account. And let’s not forget, both you and your client get a printable receipt.

What happens to payments received in USD, you may ask. PesaPal will store your payments for you in the respective currencies the payments were received in. When you are ready to withdraw, PesaPal will convert the amount to the local currency using the day’s exchange rate, and transfer to your account.

So, what do you need to get started? Open a business account, sign a PesaPal business contract and start invoicing your clients!

We are working on additional features for invoicing, and will keep you updated as we release them.

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