Merchant Console: Pesapal Dashboard

The Merchant Console is a secure site that allows you to access your PesaPal account, manage transactions, view account statements, generate reports and perform settlements to your bank account.  This console is available from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser – you will not need to download or install any software. It can be accessed by logging in to your PesaPal account at

Merchant Dashboard   PesaPal™

Key Features

1. Current Balance

The current balance represents all monies that have been collected. This money is available for withdrawal into your bank account.

2. Requests

Request due in the next 30 days shows any payments that are expected from your recurring clients. This ONLY works if you have recurring payments from clients.

 3. Latest Transactions

This shows the latest transactions that have come through to your account and the payment methods that were used. You can click on [view all] to drill down to older transactions and to search.

 4. Withdraw Funds

When you click on [Withdraw Funds] under the [Current Balance] you will get the screen shown below. If you have not yet provided your bank account details, you will be prompted for that first.

Withdraw Funds

PesaPal allows you to withdraw funds into ANY bank account in Kenya. The minimum amount you can withdraw is Kshs 500.

Withdrawal Fees

If you have an account with NIC Bank, all withdrawals are free and the money will be credited to your account the same day. For Intrabank transfers it’s free, while for interbank transfer you will be charged Kshs 200 for Electronic Funds Transfer and Kshs 500 for Real Time Gross Settlement.

Automatic Withdrawal

PesaPal allows you to set up automatic withdrawals or “sweeps” into your account at intervals determined by you.

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