Simple Selling – Selling made easy.

Selling products has become more and more difficult for start-up businesses that would wish to have a website to display their products. But having a developer built your website may cost you quite a couple of thousands of dollars which may not be readily available until your business picks up.

Well, we have  simple soluion for you. Do you know you can use your Facebook fan page to sell as well as accept payments without having to call clients to ‘Mpesa’ you or make them come ll the way cross the country to pay for your products.

Introducing Pesapal’s Simple Selling App.  This makes selling easy and convenient for all parties as well as providing you a portal for you to display your products, without needing a website. This is how to set up an account:

Assuming you have Registered on Pesapal as a Merchant, log into your Pesapal merchant (business) account.

Simple selling

Click on the ‘Simple Selling’ tab then add the items for sale.

Fill in the details of the items you want to sell and upload a photo of the item then save.

PesaPal™   Simple Selling items

The simple part of this feature comes in here. Share a link to your simple selling online store on Facebook, Twitter, Email or any other social media platform with just a click of a button.

PesaPal™   Simple Selling link

You can also authorize the Pesapal Simple Selling app which allows your customers to buy directly from your Facebook page.

FB Online


You can also track your transactions for as far back as 7 years.

PesaPal™   Transactions

You will receive a notification via email whenever a purchase is made.


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